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A Timely New Years (P)review

I can’t believe it either––an update, by me, about the new year, right on New Year’s day? Impossible! Oh, but the world shifts ceaselessly, and anyone seems early once he’s late enough. So here’s a quick review of my year, … Continue reading

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January 11th – Procrastinator’s New Year

I got a request for a sort of update on my outlook for the year, seeing as the year I last outlined was 2011, which is by now soundly in the books nearly everywhere, I’m sure. Already I’m sort of regretting … Continue reading

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Misplaced Ruminations

[This is a timed writing exercise I had to do for some job I didn’t really want. It was an hour, and I took about fifty-two minutes to write it and only another six to proof-read so it’s a little … Continue reading

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Nappy Yew Hear!

Every year I fall into the same trap, but I can’t help dwelling on the year to come as I invariably spend my New Year’s Eve the same way I spend most of them: alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, … Continue reading

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My Days In Da Game

To everyone who said there is no such thing as a hardcore rap group from Huntington Beach with 2 members* who have 4 personalities each (sort of like D12, but way hardcorer), thereby equaling 8 full personalities, I give you … Continue reading

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A Meditation on the Worth of Language and Struggle

I have been writing a lot lately, but little of it has been prose. Most has been poetry, and some like that, but it seems most people (in the United States, at least) almost fear poetry because of its mystic … Continue reading

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