UTC +7:00 (Jet lag arithmetic)

[Greetings from Jakarta! To make up for my weeklong absence here are more haiku than usual.]

Airborne sunset
orange burning like tensions
between our gods

Depthless ignorance,
perplexion upon entrance
to airport restrooms

Don’t eat with left hand:
the key to understanding
toilet-side hoses

Practical habits
encoded in Law now grown
mostly obsolete

A French family
with pretty daughters staring
at me discreetly

Oryx lounge refused
U.S. dollars with small tears
one couldn’t avoid

The average bill
lasts just nine changes of hand
before destruction

Eight more hours
flying over India
and its ocean

Excitement mounting,
at first signs of the Indo

felt truly for the first time
passing through customs

Stepping from AC
to thick, wet and heavy heat
and long lost embrace

Snail’s pace traffic,
small beeps of horns to alert
changing of lanes

Motor bikes, scooters
passing through gridlock as sand
passes through machines

Such stark contrast,
shanty towns built up in shade
cast by mansions

As expected, running
into language barriers
in malls, cars and gyms

But that’s what I get
for speaking none of seven
hundred dialects

found rekindling family
so distant

Two days lost,
five more of delirium


About andrewwhiting

A sentimental and sarcastic poet, lover of language, traveling and nature (not a fan of the Oxford comma).
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