Haiku assoiffé

No water today,
nor are there any neighbors––
it seems a fair trade

My ears had more thirst
for silence than my body
did for sustenance

I guess there’s always
some stoppages whenever
ownership transfers


We got a new couch
from among all their refuse
strewn around out front:

A small framed thank-you
for thirty-five years service
glinting in the trash


Several hours
without plumbing/poverty
becomes tangible

Days without coffee
make one go crazy, send him
seeking salvation

A rippling blue jug
three gallons brought from Texas
to acclimate cats

I just boiled it
and then it didn’t taste close
to bottled six months



About andrewwhiting

A sentimental and sarcastic poet, lover of language, traveling and nature (not a fan of the Oxford comma).
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