Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Glimpse of Artemis

With the warm season, comes itchy ankles and curly hair, nights waking up to damp pillows, cornucopias of moths blocking screens and casting erratic shadows. A time of migration, the months away from home condense into the atmosphere sticking skin … Continue reading

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Subtropically Cultured Haiku

The neighbors’ romance crumbles, leaving us without internet again The museum seems to get less boring with more time/daydreaming It’s Veronese He was a Venetian who did some art stuff Circus men were once too wealthy, made themselves poor by … Continue reading

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Lamentation for a Lost Notebook

As with so much else half-years disappear–– or perhaps never existed, as material now as dreams or delusions, inspiration or ether, memories slipping beyond the grasp of recollection; strings of words and thoughts, the private mind’s reaction to life banished … Continue reading

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View Through the Sliding Glass Door

Light reddens, leaves grow silhouetted on low-slung rain and sun-beaten shingles beyond a worn, unfinished––or no longer finished ––fence: rotting, sloppily staggered vertical slats with uneven tops and wider seams spotlit in afternoon rays, while grotesquely faded and mold-bleached sides darken in … Continue reading

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