Premier autoportrait

Shattering glass
as a career choice
no matter how
much sex you get
isn’t satisfying

“Backfire” is the
most perfect word
I ever heard in
my whole stupid
short life

It’s a frequent
matter of debate
if a fall or swan
dive from the second
floor would be fatal

I wonder mostly
how to properly
format quotes involving
both italicized words
and a quote itself

Here: “C’est un garçon de
bonne fortune, said
the landlord pointing[…]
to half a dozen wenches
who had got round about,”

Small things like
Watch batteries again spin
ning watch hands and
sticky notes on screens
end in voiceless sniffling

It’s hard to motivate
myself to close that
Skank of America account
when it doesn’t seem
like much of a

Stand to take my
fucking money
out when I really
don’t have any––
––or care to

Sometimes I just want
to write about genitals
and tongues, various
levels of moisture but
I don’t have a pseudonym

On one hand the holes
are impressive, but they
‘re ultimately unsatisfying
no matter how deep
they go through it

The scabs healed
up in just a few weeks
and everything seems to
be fine, but I really
think that’s more troublesome

It’s a long wait
if you’re going to expect
matters to crystallize
more clearly than
imagined hallucinations

I don’t like him
much and his style
is so damn dry
but Hemingway
almost makes me cry

“Self-made been through
what I been through”
also makes me tear
up if I’m not busy
bobbing my head

I wish you were
as good at making
structures in life
as on the bows of
giant distant ships

I still reminisce about
that last drunken
month before I left
to come grow up

Being sentimental
isn’t as closeted
for me as it used
to be but it isn’t
as genuine either

Not to put any pres
sure on any of
this but the dictionary
will be ruined for me
if it doesn’t go well

It could have been
a viral infection
but the better explanation
is poetic symbolism mani
festing via Bell’s palsy

[This isn’t finished yet but it’s fine for now. “Week In Review” continues next week…probably]


About andrewwhiting

A sentimental and sarcastic poet, lover of language, traveling and nature (not a fan of the Oxford comma).
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