Words, like neoplasia

Sometimes words, like neoplasia
Start as nothing but seemingly benign

Mere irregularities in subject matter

One wonders, marvels, baffles
At how they could have seemed so hideous

Such weak little worthless things
Rolling off tongues like kisses
Sweet and delicate and gentle and loving

Apologetic like a foundling fearful
Of something worse than reprimand:
Revocation of love, approval, or trust

The irreversible destruction of something perfect
Tears tantamount to treason spilling

Across angelic cheeks…excrescence; disappointment
The same eyes that once swelled with promise
Now fill themselves with nothing but suspicion
Uncertainty of emotion, of permanence, of heart

Stifling more than physicality
Shunting more than contentment
Annihilating all but self-pity

Metastasized sentences prove terminal
A dull throbbing discomfort…
A pain preferred as visceral…
In those moments alone after such rage
One again wonders, marvels, baffles
At what once seemed so mundane
So much less than what could ruin a life
And how the simplest constructions
Trios and quartets of monosyllables
Put holes through walls and souls.


About andrewwhiting

A sentimental and sarcastic poet, lover of language, traveling and nature (not a fan of the Oxford comma).
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5 Responses to Words, like neoplasia

  1. Mom says:

    I think that you will one day be remembered as one of the greatest writers of your time. Students will be studying the works of Andrew Whiting!

  2. I agree with your mom on this one^

  3. betsy says:

    This one’s beautiful. Then again, which of yours isn’t?

  4. No wonder your Mom is proud – she has reason to be. I love the way you use words, turning them into a an exploration, an act of art, an expression of rage yet human and funny and gentle. Keep writing Andrew, you are a good writer, with a keen mind, a sense of rhythm – your have such a natural way of forming the blocks we call words into rivers of expression. Thank you for subscribing to brokenpen. I have not been paying attention, directing energy to the blog, as other projects took over. But knowing you are reading, I now have a kick-in-the-butt reason to let my own creativity flow into brokenpen’s meadow again. Thank you dear colleague – I’ll try to live up to the challenge!

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