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Random notes

Here are some excerpts from my “Nonrealized Poetical Stuff” file: I like you. I like thinking about you, and dreaming about you, and trying to remember how you smell. I think you’re stunning, and gorgeous, and sexy in every way. … Continue reading

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Misplaced Ruminations

[This is a timed writing exercise I had to do for some job I didn’t really want. It was an hour, and I took about fifty-two minutes to write it and only another six to proof-read so it’s a little … Continue reading

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Wavering Superlatives

Even though he knew it wasn’t forever, it could at least seem that way. Hazy delirium set upon him, this time as a contented exhaustion, a culmination of disconnected happy recollections of earlier deliria. A lovely Grecian cat––a cunning and … Continue reading

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Words, like neoplasia

Sometimes words, like neoplasia Start as nothing but seemingly benign Mere irregularities in subject matter One wonders, marvels, baffles At how they could have seemed so hideous Such weak little worthless things Rolling off tongues like kisses Sweet and delicate … Continue reading

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Waiting for––Goddamnit.

Time shifts imperceptibly and my only companion, this withered and lifeless tree that once could swell with life and leaves, hangs barren and sullen, more like a mirror than a plant. I look at its aching roots and pathetic foliage, … Continue reading

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Job Search

The days tarry on The phone does ring Mostly wrong numbers Or misdials But sometimes It’s actually For me, about me Which is scary A world apart Probably frozen already A terrible distance Tearing myelin sheath

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