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A spattering of spoems

The last snotty exhalations Of decrepit academia A wind like light inspired Escaping aged lungs––edges of thought Reason filling itself with water Drunken with fact burning like spirits To embalm in advance the remains Interred in cap and gown before … Continue reading

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In those unbearable times

In those unbearable times When the voice is not there All one can do is wait. And read. And try to think. He should go out Talk to people. Get sleep when he can And don’t skimp on it But … Continue reading

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Do Watch Your Step

I do believe the emphatic auxiliary do does do what dog doo sometimes does when I, or you, do step in it. Once the foot has done stepped in it; The voice has done spoken it: What’s done does stick, … Continue reading

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Gardening Gloves

[This is another paper I wrote for my poetry class. Gotta post something, right? If you want to read these poems yourself, they’re below.] “The Weed” by Elizabeth Bishop “Wait” by Galway Kinnell Often the most touching poetry refines a … Continue reading

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There are weeks When days go by Hours like years like minutes like Warzones. Words. Thoughts. Doubt followed by doubt Doubting even itself Creation of misery Destruction of creativity.

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