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The Paper Mill

These apparently need to come in Kindle form: Forests of paper, felled now in my notebook. Copies and handouts hardly necessary Lie doomed to destruction, Or desiccation of interest.   Copyright 2011

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Rusting Dip

I resolved to finish the guacamole So there would be none, not any For the soul that would follow me And so I laid forth my decree And thus it was written And thus it was eaten

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To Watatsumi

Ocean waves of tar Indifference of the earth Stuns absolutely The comedy of Losing one’s house Was not lost On me I laughed through my tears As it crept With hunched shoulders A scorned child Led away by the sea … Continue reading

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Amiability begets affection; a smile becomes a laugh; Touch intensifies toward caress; glances soon aspire to steal gazes And trembling beats inevitably erupt in seizure As René at Etna, searching solemn and alone For meaning and motion in life pantomimed, … Continue reading

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Well, that’s my limit. I can only store so much without taking notes, and that’s everything. Damn you, UT, you finally broke me down. For the next two days I shall do nothing but codify and binge information for immediate … Continue reading

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