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Super Gravity

There are seven collapsed dimensions So the equations say Incomprehensible shapes Smaller than atoms Still more ubiquitous Forward and back Side to side Up and down Along the rivers of time–– Those four remain But what of the others? Folded, … Continue reading

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The Weight Of Lingering Thoughts

The writer’s burden Heavy as a lingering thought, A drink on a coaster, Lungs of lazy acrid smoke, (A spent shell casing, A coffin lid.) Absolutely wrought with it. Rotting absolutely with it. I see the colors, but there’s no … Continue reading

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Damn The Timing

Forlorn for love A lovely phrase But the others Beat me to it By days and days   Copyright 2010 Andrew Whiting

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Rasta Mittens

My poor Mittens, yeah she’s got a cold Went inside so now she’s outside to pee A lot of her fur and fat fell off Literally and figuratively, respectively Because it’s so hot in summer Fur clumped and fell out, … Continue reading

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It’s Everywhere You Want To Be

Pave the world, wrap it in plastic An entire nation living beyond its means Slaves to product, serving its whims We seem to dance and dance But the strings encircle our necks Macabre puppets, human marionettes So slide the card, … Continue reading

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