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Ticker Tape

Quotidian tragedy Broken pictographic hearts Streamers in the parade Drops in the rain Memories, puddles of litter That can’t evaporate   Copyright 2010 Andrew Whiting [Quotidian means everyday in the ordinary sense]

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The Beach

The waves lap over me Like a forgotten shore, Taking sand, leaving salt Slowly, constantly I lose myself And crystallize A pillar of salt looking back With high tide I collapse Only to crystallize again   Copyright 2010 Andrew Whiting

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The Pilot

This time I thought I would keep The stability chutes enabled In case I fell into a flat spin again We took off when everything was clear And it was so smooth I let my failsafe go I couldn’t imagine … Continue reading

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A Meditation on the Worth of Language and Struggle

I have been writing a lot lately, but little of it has been prose. Most has been poetry, and some like that, but it seems most people (in the United States, at least) almost fear poetry because of its mystic … Continue reading

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Sleeping in a different room

What is experimentation? I think I need to experiment with it I live a life layered in ruts Routines direct my daily plans Pass out, wake up, take shit, think deep Repeat in so many metaphorical ways   Copyright 2010 … Continue reading

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Paper Kittens

Small patches of bright serene blue Peek down through violet blankets of velvet While nearer the horizon a brighter faintly golden blue Rips its covers into tatters Strewing cirrus cotton chunks in its last defiance Just below, fingers of vibrant … Continue reading

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Without you There is no time Only days And nights Everything repeats Millennia pass And mean nothing Pool together Then evaporate like souls   Copyright 2010 Andrew Whiting

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